Banking Software Specialists

Providing solutions to banks and financial institutions worldwide

Established in 1997 as a consortium of independent consultants brought together for specific projects

Do you want history?

  • 24 years experience in designing systems and databases across multiple platforms
  • 12 years experience in MasterCard, Europay and Visa related software

And those years specializing in

  • VISA, MasterCard, Europay, and Australian certification and compliance
  • The design, development, and installation of TRAMS, VisionPlus, Advantage, Gateway, Prime Factors
  • VISA and MasterCard interface/testing software

And we have installed

  • The first VisionPlus, TRAMS, Gateway and Exceptis clients in the US
  • Certified the first VISA processor in Israel
  • Designed, developed, and installed the Canadian, Australian and US, MasterCard and VISA interfaces to VisionPlus

Clients around the world


  • Alberta
  • Ontario
  • CTAL, Ontario
  • AMEX, Ontario

United States

  • Firstar, Wisconsin
  • Fiserv, Florida
  • GE, Georgia
  • GECAP, Connecticut
  • HI, California
  • Texas
  • PaySys, Florida
  • STAR, Florida


  • PaySys, UK
  • HFC, UK
  • CNN, UK
  • Smartel, Italy
  • Edgars, South Africa
  • PaySys, South Africa

South America

  • PaySys, Costa Rica
  • Unibanco, Brazil
  • Upsi, Brazil

Middle East

  • AFS, Bahrain
  • SHB, Saudi Arabia
  • AlphaCard, Israel


  • ANZ, Australia
  • CSB, Australia
  • GE, Australia
  • NAB, Australia
  • NBNZ, New Zealand